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Thread: Frequenly asked questions - [FAQ]

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    Frequenly asked questions - [FAQ]

    Q: What is Worldescortforum?

    A: Worldescortforum is a free platform for users of adult entertainment and accompaniment services.

    The purpose of this website is to bring together people with the same passion and the same interests in order to promote the socialization and free exchange of information between consenting adults in compliance with applicable laws and the rights guaranteed by the Constitution .

    As such, this service is aimed at a recognized adult audience (for example, in Spain, over 18 years).

    Q: What is Worldescortforum policy or forum rules?

    A: Site Policy is based on a set of rules of conduct that all members must follow during community participation.

    The relative infractions can be punished with "touches of attention" and if they are continued they will proceed to the expulsion of the forum.

    If you have not done so, check out the forum rules here:

    Q: How to adequately write a review?

    A: First and foremost, keep in mind that Worldescortforum deals with sensitive issues and personal details, so your criticism must necessarily follow a standard.

    To correctly write a review, you can see how in this guide:

    Q: What is the datasheet?

    A: The data sheet briefly collects identification information and interest in relation to the advertiser / escort / companion.

    It is useful to see a brief summary without having to go to the full review.

    Q: When do you have a review, you have to enter the data sheet?

    A: Yes, the datasheet should always be put.

    Q: The escort I want to rate has already been rated by other users. Do I have to start a new topic?

    A: No. You should add your own revision to the thread that already exists.

    Q: I want to value a girl I know in my city, but I've seen that she also has ratings in other cities. In which section should I include my valuation?

    A: You must make the assessment in the section of your city and, if possible, to complete the information, insert the link to the valuation made in other cities.

    Q: I met an escort who has no announcements. Can I do the assessment?

    A: No. To assess it is essential that the escort has a valid ad on the web or on paper-based channels.

    Q: I want to value an escort that I found in a different city than the one indicated by the advertisement. In what section do I evaluate?

    A: It is necessary that the values in the section of the city where the meeting was held. In the technical file you must indicate the original link.

    Q: A friend of mine told me about his encounter with an escort. Can I value your story?

    A: No, it is prohibited. You can only rate a direct and personal TUYA experience.

    Q: I found information about the escort's private life. Can I post this information within the review?

    A: No, it is strictly prohibited. The assessment should be limited only to the circumstances of the meeting.

    Q: A forum member is misbehaving towards me and / or other users. What should I do?

    A: Avoid giving a direct answer.

    In these cases, you can contact the administration to inform the user and the post of the wrong behavior. The administration will take the necessary measures.

    Q: I want to report a post to a moderator. What should I do?

    A: To point to a post, you can click on the little black triangle at the bottom left of the post you want to report on.

    This will open a "box" with some reasons to inform already predefined, although you can also add specific motivations.

    Q: How can I contact the administration directly?

    A: To communicate with the administration you can go to? Contact? at the bottom of the web. This will open a new page with a form.

    Write your doubts there and you will be answered as soon as possible.

    Q: How can I contact the moderators directly?

    A: Some moderators have in their signature all the necessary information so that you can get in touch with them.

    In other cases you can use the "visitor messaging".

    Q: What are MPs?

    A: PM (private messages) is a private messaging function.

    Authorized users can privately exchange messages with each other.

    Q: Why am I not qualified to have PM?

    A: The possibility of sending PM is granted in the judgment of the administration only for a certain category of users, called Certified Punter.

    Q: How can I become a Certified User?

    A: Certified user qualification is granted at the discretion of management.

    In order to obtain certification it is necessary to distinguish between actions and contents.

    By way of example, but not exhaustive, a user must: comply with the rules of the forum, conduct evaluations, provide information to support forum colleagues, link information on the site, assist management and moderators, have serious and irreproachable behavior in general.

    Q: I have lost the status of Certified User without prior notice. Why?

    A: Certified User status is a privilege granted by the administration and as such may be withdrawn at any time.

    Q: I do not have PM, how can I contact other users?

    A: In PF there are channels like the chat and the "visitor messaging" that will allow you to communicate with any other user outside the "threads".

    Everything you write in the messaging for visitors will be visible to the users who visit your account.

    Q: What are the levels of the punter? And how are they achieved?

    A: The punter levels are achieved according to the number of messages sent. The higher levels will be allocated by the administration.

    The levels and special categories are as follows:

    Super Moderator
    Certified Punter
    Punter (1000 and Beyond)
    Senior (500-999)
    Assets (100-499)
    Young (20-99)
    Newbie (0-19)

    Other special categories:


    Q: I have written an SMS type review and / or all caps, but it has been deleted. Why?

    A: As a matter of etiquette and forum rules, it is not allowed to use SMS-style text or to write everything in capital letters.

    Q: What is a "feedback"?

    A: The feedback consists of brief comments of some lines regarding the experience with an escort that the user usually write more or less unconsciously.

    This kind of feedback tend to be biased and not accepted in any way. PF is a place to value the escorts and the stories / encounters must be shared according to the rules of the forum.

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    Q: I do not agree with the administrative authorities and / or moderators and I would like to express my disagreement. What should I do?

    A: First, avoid responding in public.

    You can contact the administration through the "Contact" section at the bottom of the site.

    Q: Can I ask forum users for the phone number or address of an escort?

    A: No. It is absolutely forbidden both in private and in public.

    Such data can be collected independently through the girl's advertisement, by calling you directly.

    Q: I am aware of the phone number and address of an escort. Can I publish them in the forum?

    A: No.

    Q: I have noticed that in the reviews the escort's phone number always has the last two digits replaced by the letter X. How can I have the whole phone?

    A: You can not. Darkening the last two digits with XX is a rule of the forum. Find your phone in your ads.

    Q: What is the index?

    A: The index is an alphanumeric string consisting of the phone number of the escort but with the last two digits of the phone changed by "XX".

    This can be used to search for any valuation and / or information of an escort in internal forum threads.

    Q: The escort had an ad with the valid link, but now the link is no longer working. Can I make my rating by referring to that link that is no longer active?

    A: No. When a review is done, there must be an active and functioning link.

    Q: The escort that interests me had a valid ad and now I can not find it. How can I find a valid one?

    A: The only way to do this is to wait for the girl to upload a new ad.

    Q: The girl that interests me has not had ads for some time and does not answer the phone. How can I contact her? Can I ask the forum users for information?

    A: This type of request is prohibited and none of the users of the forum will respond.

    Remember that communicating information not available through ads can be considered as skipping the rules and you can be banned.

    The security and privacy of the advertiser must always be taken into account. They may have left the activity and do not want to be tracked by anyone.

    Q: Years ago I was with an escort that left me "marked" and I would like to talk about her even though she no longer has active ads. I can do it?

    A: Yes. There is a section called "Hits of the Past".

    Q: I would like to value a girl with whom I got in touch through social networks. I can do it?

    A: No. The ratings of girls found on social networks like Facebook, Badoo, etc. are prohibited.

    Q: I have made a valuation of a girl and I would like to make another on it. It's possible?

    A: No, you can not. The user has the right to make a single valuation per girl.

    If one of the following encounters has been a completely different situation from the previous ones, then a second opinion may be allowed.

    Q: I think I qualify for a second opinion on the same girl. What should I do?

    A: The second review should not be published without the prior consent of the administration.

    For this reason, you must submit the second assessment according to the script to the administration, who will make the decision as to whether it is valid or not. The decision will be notified to you through PF channels.

    Q: What is "The Matrix”? And the figures?

    The matrix is a capture of the advertiser's page.

    The matrix can be published in the thread in which the advertiser is valued, in order to have in the future a proof that the advertisement exists.
    To create an array, you can use the Windows clipboard tool.

    Remember that it is absolutely necessary to cover the last two digits of the advertiser's phone number, bearing in mind that the phone number may appear several times on the same page. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

    On the other hand, the "figures" are just the own images of the advertiser present in the advertisement that can be downloaded and post in the corresponding thread.

    In general, the maximum number allowed for the images is 3. A post of a user with more than 3 images could be considered indirect publicity of the escort and therefore an action contrary to the policy of Worldescortforum.

    Q: How to put photos in a post?

    A: You can follow this guide:

    Q: I have seen that in the section Escort / Loft are published images of the escort. Can I post photos of the escorts in the On The Road section?

    A: No, it is prohibited. While in the first case, the photos are extracted from the ads themselves and therefore have been uploaded voluntarily, the same can not be said for OTR girls;

    Q: I've been with an OTR girl and now I've seen that she has posted a regular advertisement like Escort. Can I publish your images in the OTR section?

    A: Yes. In this case it is evident the desire to publish the images on the network by the girl.

    It is also a good idea to facilitate the link to enter the advertisement and if there are valuations in the section Escort, publish the link also.

    Both for greater ease of use of the forum and for the integrity of the information.

    Q: I posted a post and I can not edit it. Why?

    A: To edit a post you can post it up to one hour after the posting.

    After that time, the message can only be changed with the intervention of a moderator.

    Q: I just finished writing an appraisal and right at the time of publishing it has lost everything written. Why?

    A: This may be because the system has been automatically disconnected (the session has ended).

    This happens because Worldescortforum has a limited timeout (idle state) between updating one page and the other.

    For this reason, if the site is left inactive, ie without browsing, it will automatically shut down after a certain period of time. This also happens for safety reasons.
    If you encounter this problem, start the session again, go to the section where you were doing the assessment and click on "Create New Topic".

    Do not write anything in the text box.

    Below, in the same "box", there is an inscription that says "Restore the automatically saved content".

    In this way it will be possible to recover all or part of the valuation you wrote.

    In case of writing very long comments and therefore requiring a great deal of time, we advise you to write them in some type of text editor such as Wordpad or Notepad and then do copy-paste.

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    Q: I have posted a request for information, but it has been deleted. Why?

    A: If your request message has been deleted it is very likely that you have performed some of the most common errors, such as:

    - An incorrect valuation.
    - You have not inserted the ad link (if necessary).
    - Request for multiple information.

    Q: What is a multiple information request?

    A: Topics and messages requesting information about two or more escorts do not comply with the rules and are deleted. The rule is: 1 wire = 1 request for information.

    Q: What is a fake?

    A: The term FAKE indicates a false ad.

    False ads are of different types and for different purposes.

    The most common FAKE are those that have fake photos and are published for the sole purpose of attracting customers.

    Other FAKEs are the ads that are hidden behind payment numbers (902) and those that make payment requests in advance.

    Q: How can I find a FAKE?

    A: On the web there are some useful tools, such as Tinyeye, verifyescortphone or Google images to look for similar images.

    These programs are not exhaustive, but give a good indication of possible FAKES.

    For everything else you have to rely on your common sense and your experience.

    Q: I would like to publish a ranking of my favorite escorts. I can do it?

    A: No, not at all. A list of this type is biased and affects the free will of other users.

    The same prohibition applies to a ranking of the worst.

    Q: I have made a criticism, but it has been deleted. Why?

    A: The reasons can be many. Among the most common are:

    - Violation of the forum policy.
    - The lack of active link (always necessary).
    - The valuation is incorrect.
    - The technical details sheet is missing (it is obligatory).

    Q: I have made a valuation but finished in the "in suspension" section. Why?

    A: You probably have a good review but you're missing some required elements.

    Among the most common we always remember the lack of the reference link, or the lack of the technical file.

    It may be that you have entered suspension to carry out the appropriate controls.

    In this case, the moderator will always write down the reasons for the suspension, inviting the user to correct the errors within a reasonable period of time.

    If you follow the instructions, it is normal for your valuation to be integrated into the corresponding section. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

    Q: How can I correctly insert the title into an escort appraisal?

    A: In order to have a better organization of the forum, the values that should always carry the title are: NAME - CITY - PAGE OF ADVERTISEMENT (separated by dashes).

    At the moment you are going to do a review you will see a form with three fields that will automatically help you to insert the title correctly.

    Q: How can I correctly insert the title of an OTR girl?

    A: Even the criticisms that affect OTR girls must follow a specific standard.

    The title must consist of four parts separated by a script: TAG - NAME - CITY - OTHERS (optional). The following is a brief explanation:

    TAG: The tag should be marked with the word [VAL] when the user initiates a valuation and with the word [INFO] if the user is going to request information.
    NAME: Name of the escort.
    CITY: the city where the meeting took place.
    OTHER (optional): the zone or other information deemed useful.

    Q: In general discussions, what can we talk about?

    A: In general discussions you can talk about anything considering that topics that are related to politics and religion are forbidden.

    Conversations concerning pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia and similar practices are also strictly forbidden.

    Themes that incite violence, sexual and racial discrimination are prohibited.

    Spam and the use of threads are prohibited as if they were chat.

    Given the breadth of the topics it is quite easy for your ideas, thoughts, opinions and points of view to be different from those of others, for this reason, tolerance and mutual respect are required.

    This does not mean that a constructive dialogue can not be established with other users.

    Q: I want to rate a girl in the corresponding thread, but the message appears: You are trying to respond to an old discussion of xx days or months. Do I have to open a new thread?

    A: No. You should attach your assessment to the existing issue and ignore the warning message. In that case it is justified.

    Q: What is a Necropost?

    A: The Necropost is a useless message with the sole purpose of getting a thread of months ago, in which no longer speaks, to the first positions.

    This type of posts, are prohibited.

    Q: What is a status update?

    A: A status update is to publish information about an escort for the sole purpose of giving you visibility and highlighting your presence in the market.

    Some examples: updating ad links, reporting that you have changed the phone number, reporting that you have returned from vacation and any information that may affect the free will of users and / or convey your interest in a particular topic.

    Advertising itself is something that escorts and not us.

    Q: Can I post my e-mail on the forum to get in touch with other users?

    A: No, it is prohibited.

    Q: I am a member, can I get an avatar?

    A: Yes, as long as they are in good taste.

    For example, it is not advisable to use avatars that represent mere images of pornography such as close-ups of genitals and sexual intercourse.

    And it is forbidden to use as an avatar images of the escorts.

    Q: I'm an escort, can I get an avatar?

    A: Yes, you can.

    Although not prohibited, our recommendation is that your avatar is not an image of our own.

    In any case, your avatar can not carry contact information.

    Q: I am a webmaster from another site, can I put an avatar?

    A: No.

    Q: I am a webmaster from another site. What should I do?

    A: Ideally, you should contact the PF management in the "contact" section.

    Q: I am an escort / company girl registered in the forum. Can I use the datasheets to advertise to me?

    A: No, it is absolutely forbidden.

    It is forbidden to promote yourself directly by making false valuations or technical data sheets for the sole purpose of having the interest and attention of the users.

    Q: I am an escort / escort registered in the forum. Is there any way to advertise?

    A: Yes. PF has a classified ads section. For more information you can contact the administration through the contact TAG.

    Q: I am a registered escort in the forum. Can I participate in the discussions?

    A: Yes, you can participate as any other user. The only thing that is not allowed is that you only comment to advertise.

    If you want to participate, participate, but do not spam.

    Q: I am a trader and saw an opinion that worries me. Can I participate in the discussion?

    A: You can participate in the thread of your opinion, but with the necessary precaution, without falling into the promotional message.

    Keep in mind that an assessment can be negative, so try to answer without being aggressive, with education and good forms.

    This also applies to all other users.

    Q: I am an escort and a user has made a false and defamatory assessment about me. What should I do?

    A: Do not respond directly to the user and contact the PF management directly.

    Whenever necessary, the thread will be removed and appropriate measures taken to the author of the thread.

    Q: I am an escort and a user has made an assessment about me but I do not want to be valued on any website. What should I do?

    A: If you have an advertisement on the web or on paper, then the registered user has every right to make a valuation and your request will be rejected.

    In case you do not have any announcements and a user has made an assessment, then you must contact the administration through the "contact" section and we will take care of eliminating the open thread on you.

    Q: I read a very provocative review about an escort and would like to get in touch with her but she is not allowed to request or provide her contact details. So what's the use?

    A: The correct way to use a rating site (in all types of services) is to choose the girls based on the characteristics that are deducted from their advertisement advertisements and then check the opinions.

    Here the reverse procedure may not work, as it would be contrary to the law.

    To find a girl that fits your expectations, search first among the ads and then you can search for information about each one in the forum by entering the index number in the search box in the upper right of each page of the forum.

    If the search does not give result or the result is doubtful it is possible that there has not been talk about that girl in the forum and you should try to find it in another way through web pages.

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