Nice lady in the spa.
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Thread: Nice lady in the spa.

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    Nice lady in the spa.

    Hi mongers!
    I want to share with you my experience. I went in a new spa here in India. It was a satisfied experience. The girl that made me the massage was so nice and a very good therapist. After the massage she gave me a blow job and I came in her mouth. Then she helped me to have a shower and to dress up.

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    I always have a shower after the massage session.

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    Hello all you that post in this forum. I want to share my experience in the spa with you. So, I went in a spa in this city. When I go inside I was so surprised because the rooms were so big and clean and the therapist was so beautiful. She said me to lay in the bed and to relax. Then after some minutes the massage started. She started massaging my shoulders and then my back. Oh my god her hands were magic. I felt very good in the end of the session.

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