Kiran. Hot girl and good dancer.
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Thread: Kiran. Hot girl and good dancer.

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    Kiran. Hot girl and good dancer.

    Hello mongers.
    I met a girl yesterday in a cafe and I invited her in my table. She was so pretty. Has some blonde hairs and some blue tiny eyes. Also she has a white skin and a perfect body. she said me that her name was Kiran and she worked as an escort. When she told me that I immediately invited her in my house. She accepted but said me that I have to pay some money. I said that the money were not a problem. We went in my house and started drinking red wine. Than we ate something and when we were a little drunk we started kissing. And slowly she put her hand in my cock that was so big at that moment. She starting playing with it and I was so erected. I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible. She took off her clothes and starting doing an erotic dance. Then she removes all my clothes and gave me ab amazing blow job. After that we had sex for some hours in all positions.

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    Hi. Every time I have sex with a girl I ask her to have sex in all positions.

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    Hello I like so much when a girl perform a dancing in front of me before having sex.

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    Could you plz PM the number, thanks in advance

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    Can you pm me her number at rextonrhode at yahoo dot in

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    Can u pm me her number

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