Ally was so fantastic.
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Thread: Ally was so fantastic.

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    Ally was so fantastic.

    A great experience in the spa.Just read it!
    ​A​fter work I hit the gym, showered, then drove to the massage parlor​. I was sitting in the waiting room and I heard a sweet, casually seductive voice call out, “Alan?”

    I looked up from the magazine to find her; petite yet well proportioned, her uniform scrubs didn’t hide the fact that she kept herself in shape. Her eyes were almond-shaped, her hair black, and her skin the color of caramel.“I’m Ally. I’ll be your therapist today,” she said. It sounded as if she were tasting each word, like each syllable were a caramel. Her voice, alone, aroused me. I shook her hand, and her skin was baby-soft.I was Ally’s last client of the day. She was glad when she saw my personal hygiene seemed to be good and that I had good skin. And when she shook my strong hand and gazed into my baby blue eyes, butterflies fluttered in her chest and the hair stood on the back of her neck.Ally led me to Room 5. She asked me to undress and lay face-down on the table. She left the room, giving me privacy to disrobe and crawl under the sheet.After a while she came to the room.As Ally worked her hands over my muscular back, (bringing me a smooth, calming pleasure that directly contradicted the stimulation that had begun in my loins), she noticed she could smell me. And she liked it. It wasn’t cologne, it wasn’t aftershave.When she worked my upper back, she leaned forward, digging into me with her elbow. He could gauge the length of her upper arm, and I imagined the perky breasts that hung just above his spine. When Ally sat on a stool near my head and started to knead my neck, I imagined her strong shoulders rolling forward with each stroke. I imagined her not in the nurse’s scrubs that she wore, but in a deep-necked top that hung off one shoulder, exposing the line of her clavicle. In My mind, I saw a bead of sweat meander down her neck before following the collar bone to her sternum. I was fully erect. It lifted the sheet, comically, like a tent.I was terribly embarrassed, My cheeks flushing with color. I plunged myself back in, and Ally bit her lip to stop from screaming, “OH FUCK, YES!” I rode her, powerfully, at a quick (but not barbaric) pace. As she had hoped, he had found her ​G-spot, and it vibrated like a trapped love god. The pleasure grew and she tightened around me. Starting in her toes, she convulsed, and she braced herself against the wall. She orgasmed and pinched her eyes closed, basking in the intense euphoria. Only moments later, I exploded with a final powerful thrust.

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    Hello I read your long story and I am not tired but very happy that you have explain in details everything have happened to you.

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