Thai hot girl.
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    Thai hot girl.

    Took Balinese one HR to get 2300. Was wearing towel and she requested me to put on panty. Got nude before her to wear panty to make it apparent motive of my trip. Massage was sort of good but she wasn't giving enough stress despite telling her. In between talked a little and asked her about additional. She said just HJ. I stated want . Said no and informed me just HJ. Asked her what she desires. She advised 3 k just for touching. The little tent which was becoming built got immediately deflated. Told her got palms and requested her to continue using message. She began bargaining and that I provided 1 k with touching. But she wasn't budging and lasted her bargaining. Massage obtained over and asked her for shower. She provided 1.5 k past and I said no. Then she went out to change on geyser and came back and provided 1 per cent for HJ without touching. Agreed as desired release. Took my sweet time as with no incentive Johnny wasn't willing. In general okay experience. Won't replicate as my massage center is better. Get everything in 3.5 pm all inclusive.

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    Hello. I want to be you just for some minutes. So I would have satisfaction in some minutes.

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    Hi friend where can I get a Thai girl in Mumbai

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