The best boob job.
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Thread: The best boob job.

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    The best boob job.

    Hi .
    Recently satisfied Bhavi out of SA. Fixed our assembly in a resort in Panvel. Picked her up from railroad station and moved straight to hotel. Started around 9 day and went until morning 4. Total GFE. Only 5 to 6 pops up with terrific DFK in between. An excellent person to converse with. Rested until 6 months then again began till 10. The very best boob-job I ever experienced. Concluded our assembly with terrific shower sex.
    Would definitely try her again.

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    hi. I have tried boob job some days ago and I have to admit that it was a great feeling.

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    I always asked my girlfriends to give me a boob job. It is an amazing thing.

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    Hey brother what is the full form of SA

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