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Thread: She aroused me only with her hands.

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    She aroused me only with her hands.

    Hello all.
    I am very happy that I can share with you my horny story. I went in a spa center and the therapist was a young beautiful girl. I lay in the bad and she started the massage with her magic hands.
    A single moan escaped my lips as she gave my clit a rub, before she slid her finger all the way back. I know. Rationally speaking, I should have said no - or some other sort of negatory response that would mean 'don't go any further', but honestly, all rationality had left me a long time ago.She placed a second finger next to the first, and slid them along the moist cleft of my nether lips, then all the way up to my clit. Meanwhile, her thumb from her other hand moved down and started gently massaging my puckered asshole, then pressed into it, hard enough for my sphincter to resist, but not enough to get inside. I spread my legs in front of her, hoping she would get the hint and finally push her fingers inside me, but whether she didn't get it, or simply enjoyed teasing me, I wasn't sure. The fact that I was offering myself to almost a complete stranger only served to arouse me even more.I whined softly as she left her fingers nestled between my wet, puffy lips, and gently toyed with my clit, while she held my left ass cheek with her other hand, and her thumb played with my butthole. It felt so good! Yet, I wanted to cry out in frustration; I wanted more! Couldn't she see that? At times it felt like she was torturing me purposefully, trying to see how far I'd go, and whether I'd ask her to slide them in me, or even beg. But I bit my tongue and resisted. She swapped her thumb to a thinner, possibly index finger, then pushed firmly against my sphincter, until it gave in and her finger popped inside, causing my butt to tense. I wasn't big on anal, and at moments it felt like she knew that; as if she wanted to make me love it, and show me that I'd do anything as long I got to get off. I was afraid she was right. My breathing was short and ragged, and my heart was racing. I felt like a mess.

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    Love your stories. You have such a great writing style. Never fails to get me hard. I hope to hear more of your adventures

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