Hello my dears,
I am so happy that I will share with you my nice story. We chatted for a few minutes more, then I heard the first notes of my request. It was a slow, romantic song and there was only one way to dance to it. Mace's eyes widened when she realized I had outmaneuvered her. I wondered if she would try to slow dance at arms-length like a school kid, but she pressed her body close to mine and draped her arms over my shoulders. She was sweaty, but her body felt great. I could feel her small, round, firm breasts pressing just below my chest. I held tight around her slender waist. She swayed her hips with the music intoxicatingly. "You are a sneaky bastard," she whispered in my ear.
When the song ended and a fast number began, I let go of Mace and turned, assuming we would head off the floor. She grabbed my arm and said, "Where do you think you're going? You're staying out here. I want payback for that dirty trick." We worked up a sweat to the next couple of songs.