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Thread: That is a position you should try

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    That is a position you should try

    Lock and load, people, it’s time to go deep. Find your feet with this lustful, languid position that allows fathomless penetration with all the comfort you could desire. It is ideal for lingering, lazy fun.
    Start with the passive partner on their back, with their head supported by a comfy cushion. The active partner should kneel in front of them, close enough for the lucky passive person to rest
    their feet on their partner’s chest. The passive partner can rest their thighs and bottom on the active’s thighs; if this is not comfortable, they can support the small of their back with fluffy pillows. The active partner can then slowly enter, gradually building to deeper, harder penetration. If the passive partner is feeling dextrous, they can give additional pleasure with manual stimulation.
    Make it even better with: lube, glorious lube. Go for an organic, water-based lube that's long-lasting and natural.

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    That's was really cool

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