Everything started in a night club.
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Thread: Everything started in a night club.

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    Everything started in a night club.

    I wanted to jump him then and there to be honest. Just drop to me knees in the club and suck him off in front of everyone. I wanted that cock in my pussy so badly.But anyway, he leaned in and suggested we get a drink. There was a real crush of people at the bar and it took a while to get anywhere near it. Somehow I ended up in front of him, perhaps he manoeuvred me that way .So there are people everywhere, pushing up against us on all sides. You can't talk, its too noisy. He's standing right behind me, he's pushed up hard against me. I guess from the crush of the people further back, I don't know. But I can feel his body against me, his chest is against my back. I can feel his big fucking erection pressed against my arse cheeks. I want it so badly now, I lean back and press my arse against it, rubbing up against it. You could put it all down to the crush of people all around us, like neither of us is in control but you know that's not it.
    I'm thinking of what it would be like to reach round and unbutton his fly. I wouldn't even need to do much, just peel my skirt up, hitch my knickers to one side and let him fuck me."

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    I like so much love stories that starts in a night club. It is something different.

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