His lips in my nipples.
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Thread: His lips in my nipples.

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    His lips in my nipples.

    Hello, how are you?
    Tonight I was going to a nightclub and it was going to be a special night.I dressed with special care for my night out.There I met Sean.
    Sean was a very good kisser. He could make me forget everything but his lips on mine, his ardour burning me. It wasn't until he actually pinched one of my nipples that I realised that he'd eased the shoe-string straps down and effectively bared my breasts.Ignoring my hands feebly pulling at his he started stroking my breasts. I could feel them swelling under his touch, my nipples hardening and standing out"You have beautiful breasts," he whispered. "It would be a crime if I couldn't give them at least one little kiss."He bent his head, capturing a breast with his mouth, sucking lightly on it. My hands were in his hair, clutching at him, while I made a few feeble protests, protests which he ignored. His head moved across to my other breast, kissing and sucking, and then he lifted his head and started kissing me again.Even while he kissed me I could feel his hands moving across my breasts. I liked it, liked the rasp of his hands against my sensitive flesh, the way his palms rubbed against my nipples, agitating them, sending little spirals of excitement downwards, starting a fire burning deep inside me.

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    Hello did he hurt your nipples or just lick them?

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    I like so much when a man suck my nipples. I like that feeling. I like him hurting me.

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