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Thread: A funny story.

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    A funny story.

    She invited me into her house. She was wearing a deep and wide neck t shirt and a tight pyjama and I looked her from top to bottom. She said stop staring and come in, you have a lot to see. She offered a glass of juice and sat beside me.She kept her hair behind her head in a bun and gave me a clear view of her big valley. I could not resist and I kept my mouth on her valley and began kissing it. I with one hand pressed and pumped her boobs and with my mouth I was kissing and liking her boobs visible. She moaned, O baby! Jus chew me tonight. Take out every drop of my juice! Her boobs were around 36, the size I didn't enquire. I sucked her mangoes hungrily and I bite her nipples. I gave her many love bites. She was moaning ufff ahhhh, O baby! Suck, chew. I licked and flicked her nipples. I kissed between her boobs.I licked her everywhere on her pussy. I licked the juices. She moaned loudly, O baby ! Suck my choot, suck my cunt, eat it for whole life, dont leave me! I lifted her one leg and put that on my shoulder and continued licking her pussy. She held my dick in her hand and began massaging it with her both hands. She took it in mouth and started giving me a heavenly blowjob. I caressed her head and her back till her ass while she was giving me head. She sucked it till throat and licked every bit of it. I carried my hand towards her ass and I put one finger in her asshole.

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    It was a really horny story.

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