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Thread: In the club night you can have amazing experiences.

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    In the club night you can have amazing experiences.

    My friends and I go to this one bar every weekend.That night, I felt a little bold, so I started hanging out with him at the door. He was teasing me and joking with me, and I started play-fighting with him, hitting him on the arm. It was getting pretty flirty. I figured that I finally had my chance to hook up with him.We just started making out, right there. We didn’t want to get caught doing that outside though, so he took me to the guy's bathroom.We locked ourselves in a stall, and he lifted me up against the wall. I hiked up my skirt, and we went at it right there. But then people started coming into the bathroom and wondering what was going on. So we quickly got dressed and ran up to the roof.

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    Hm quick sex. I like that.

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    My wife fucked me on the Sunset Booze Cruise while staying at a resort in Jamaica, with about 80 people around us.

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