My story in the club
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    My story in the club

    I met this asian girl at the bar I'm working at. She looked at me a lot of times while slowly biting her lips. Later she came up to me and asked me where the bathroom is. I showed her and as she saw that no one else was nearby, she grabbed my ass and said: "Thank you, bartender." Now she really got me horny. Coming back upstairs she looked at me and smiled.Going upstairs she showed me her bedroom, huge bed. We got naked right away and I layed on her missionary, we touched each others body wildly and couldn't stop kissing each other. She moaned full of passion. She wrapped her legs around my back and butt and pulled me in real close. Her tits rubbed against my body as we made deep eye contact. I kissed my way down her body towards her pussy, already making her body spasm. As soon as my tongue connects with her clit she moans much louder and grabs my hands.After making her cum two times by giving her oral we cuddled, me on top of her, kissing so wildly, never experienced anything like that before. She sure knows how to move her body. She touched and caressed every part of my body. I then took the condom, put it on my rock-hard cock and angled it towards her pussy. As soon as I entered her she was in pain. I said: Are you ok?, She said: Yeah, babe! I put it all the way in and hammered away. We cuddled so closely while I had a really high tempo. She couldn't moan that much, because we were kissing all the way through. I slapped her ass so hard, she screamed, but kissed me again afterwards.

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    really you have done this

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