He kissed my neck.
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Thread: He kissed my neck.

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    He kissed my neck.

    Hello all,
    She found the correct key, pushed it into the lock and twisted, but she found herself hesitating for a moment, her head tilted back against his shoulder as she gasped gently, her lips parted as he bit gently at her neck, sending shivers down her spine.He leaned forward and she felt him against her back, urging her forward. Biting her lip she opened the door and let it swing inwards, where she stepped quickly followed by Michael who didn't for an instant take her hands off her waist as she turned around to face him.She opened her mouth to talk but he placed his hand on her cheek, his other flicking the light on in the apartment as he leaned in, kissing her full lips, passionate and desperate, his foot catching the door, swinging it shut behind them as he started to urge her once more onwards.She stepped carefully backwards, dropping her handbag on the floor with a clatter as she turned her body to the side, Michael following as she began to step back towards her bedroom, her fingers at his chest, trying to undo the buttons of his shirt.

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    Hello I love those women who kiss all my body especially my neck. It makes me horny.

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    Neck is a delicate part of the body for everyone. It is the part that can make you horny only with a touch

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