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Thread: Sex all the day

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    Sex all the day

    I'm wondering if people out there could have sex all day, I don't mean going at it the whole time but spending the day inside and with your lover and just indulge each other with massages, foreplay, orgasms? It's harder to do these days with work, kids and other distractions, but if given the chance would you? Your calendars clear and no one will bother you, would you get bored? The last time I did it was about 6 years ago I was painting my room with an ex and it was summer she was in a bikini and I was, well I was naked and I had just my bed in the room then I don't really remember how it happened but we were at it for a good 6 hours with some breaks in between. Now with time it's maybe a couple of hours at night mostly, I think morning sex is great and if I have nothing going on in the day I would stay in bed all say if I could. Anyone feel the same? Is time the major issue?

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    allowed us to get away from it all, no phones or reception, just us, mostly naked, chilling out, sleeping, sex, foreplay, swimming, eating, laying out in the sunshine watching a movie on the ipad, more sex, more eating... so relaxing and such a wonderful way to stay connected and get back to nature! LOVED IT! Lucky it was very secluded as we are not into dogging or public sex displays lol!

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