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Thread: My new experience.

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    My new experience.

    Hello there,
    I slipped into the bathroom and found my daddy amidst all the fog under the shower head. I had gotten completely naked and moved towards the bathtub. He didnít notice me at first, so I had to state my presence, to do so I reached out and grabbed his semi-hard cock and placed it directly into my mouth. He went with it as soon as it happened, moving his hands to the back of my head, pushing his dick deeper down my throat. He then pulled me into the shower and bent me over so that my face was pressed in to the wall of the shower and my ass was right in front of his dick. He then lowered himself and ate my ass out, moving his tongue all around my hole. Then he tongue fucked my hole while spreading my cheeks, after my hole was dripping with his spit he rose back up, grabbed his cock, and put it in inch by inch until I had him completely inside me. Then he grabbed both of my pigtails and pulled me back as he pushed forward, each time it made a smacking sound that turned me on so much. I couldnít help but moan and beg for more, he did nothing but oblige me and fuck me like the slut I had become. The more intense he became the closer we both came to cumming. When I could tell he was about to cum I arched my back and came up to kiss him hard, then we both came hard, and I felt him fill me up to the brim with his hot load. After he went flaccid and fell out of me we both got dressed and went back into the room.

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    Hello I have just read your experience and I can say that I will do all those things with my girlfriend. I am sure that we will have a great experience. I will tell you later about my experiences and the position of sex that we have practiced. Also I will tell you new ways to improve your sex life. Be awaiting for hearing from me. See you soon. Have a happy mongering and a nice day.

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