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Thread: Hello my babies.

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    Hello my babies.

    Hello, this is my amazing story.I closed the door behind us as we entered my home. As soon as I did, there was no more conversation. We did not even stop to hit the light switch for the moonlight from the windows provided us with the perfect setting for this encounter. We began kissing one another. As the minutes passed the kissing would become more and more passionate. Our tongues became intertwined just as our words had previously done. We both kissed each other for a while; so long in fact, we had to catch our breath. We stood their smiling at each other, breathing heavily.We kicked off our shoes and began kissing again. I started to pull her to the bedroom. While still with our lips almost continually embracing each other, we took off our clothes. Finally reaching the bedroom, I’m only in my boxers and her in some black bra and panties. We stopped for a few moments to size each other up. As we did so, our eyes met for the second time that night. This only furthered our lust for one another.On the bed we lay, embracing not with our arms, but our lips as well. Being the man that I am, I slowly run my finger tips down her back to her bottom.

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    Hello it have been a little long waiting but in the end you have reached what you both wanted.

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