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Thread: She fucked my ass.

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    She fucked my ass.

    That night I was so horny I just needed that cock in my ass. I asked her, "Please would you fuck my asshole, I'm just dieing for it." She just smiled down at me and I got on my hands and knees on the bed. First she spit down on my asshole and spread the spit around. Then she stuck her middle finger in my asshole. I was supprised by this and grunted a little. I had never had anything in my ass before so it hurt a little, but it felt oh so good. She pulled her finger out and I felt her cock head press up against my asshole. Then slowly she started pushing the head of her cock into my ass. It was hurting so bad, but I didn't care. Then the head popped all the way in. By now the pain was not nearly half as bad and it started to feel really good.She started pushing faster into my hole. And soon her whole cock was in me all the way to the hilt. I thought I would cum just at the thought of what was happening, but I held back. She pulled back so that just the tip of her head was in and she quickly pushed forward all the way again. That hurt some more, but it was alright. She started pulling out and pushing in a lot faster and it felt so good. I started pushing back to meet her hard thrusts. I was in such ectacy I didn't even know what was going on. She said, "Oh YES, Oh YES! Your ass is so tight and hot! I don't think I'll last much longer." And within seconds she screamed at the top of her lungs, "OH I'M CUMMMIINNNNNGGGG!!!" Just as she said that I felt her hot cum pour into my asshole. It never seemed to end.

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    hahahah that was so funny. Have you really moan yes yes

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    I always moan when I have sex. It is a nice thing.

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    That was an interesting experience.

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