Would you like to read this.
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    Would you like to read this.

    Do you like this story,
    She was wearing a simple t-shirt, a logo from one of the centaur racing teams on the front, the curve of the shirt following the curve of her breasts, full and prominent, the shirt stretched so tightly around them that he was pretty sure he could see the outline of a bra, the shirt trailing down over the thickness of her figure. While her legs betrayed a sign of mottling on a white and orange coat she was mostly covered from the waist down in a warm casual gown that covered her back, rear and rear legs, the front two exposed with another slip of fabric trailing almost elegantly down the front.As he started to wind his way between the tables towards her, passing a coat rack that, thanks to the cold of the evening, was laden with a few heavy looking jackets and coats, he started to unbutton his own heavy coat, settling the collar down and unwound his scarf.He was a couple of tables away when she spotted him, her eyes lighting up with recognition from his picture and, as he smiled, so did she, delighted that he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by the revelation of her nature.“Hey,” he said, mimicking his first message to her on Tinder as he slipped his coat off from over his shoulder, laying it across the back of his high chair which he climbed up onto, a feat proving not to be too difficult given that she was certainly one of the smaller centaur, no nine foot behemoth as he had seen race the night before on tv, though six and a half foot was by no means small by his standards.

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    Hello do you have another interesting story to tell us.

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