This story is the beginning of a hot day.
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Thread: This story is the beginning of a hot day.

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    This story is the beginning of a hot day.

    Well, my straight genes kicked in and we ended up in her bed for the rest of the night fucking and doing all the things that go with sex. I even asked if I could fuck her ass but she declined, although hinted it may be doable in the future if we played by the rule of what's good for the goose, is good for the gander. Monday morning came soon and she was awake with my cock in her mouth and offered me a taste of my own sweet salty cum with a deep throat kiss which I readily swallowed. "My," she said, "You are the adventurer, aren't you." I couldn't reply quickly enough before she entered the shower and after she returned from her shower, as I lay in her bed, I watched her get ready for her teller's job at a bank. She cussed having to wear dresses and complained about pantyhose.As she was guiding them up her nicely portioned legs and ample rear, she asked, "Have you ever worn pantyhose?"

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    hi that's was an interesting story. I like it so much.

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