First time with a trans.
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Thread: First time with a trans.

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    First time with a trans.

    Some time ago, I had plenty of time to kill, and also discovered on craigslist that a t-girl called Kim that promoted having a sizable"fully operational" cock. After a few telephone calls, I came at her living area. After she opened the door, she had been nude. She was black, about my height, had nice tits, a great ass, and a massive cock. I was mesmerized - her penis was somewhat thicker than mineand a great nine inches . I sat on the edge of the mattress and began to suck on her cock while she stood facing me. They had been fake, but felt better compared to plenty of fake tits do. I kept sucking and sucking her cock for some time, I asked if she'd fuck me. She agreed, so I removed my clothing, freeing my now-hard cock. I put back on the bed and spread my lips for her, while she slowly pushed her cock into my tight but tight asshole. Finally, I loosened up enough for her to permeate me, and she began to fuck me with brief strokes once I played with her tits and loved the sensation of her cock in my bum. She began playing with my penis, and as excited as I was, I immediately came, falling a load on my belly. Just a bit later, she pulled , and we're finished.

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    Hi, I am an active member here and I have read lots of story in this forum. I can say that yours is the most exciting.

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